CRAC High Point Series

 John McLaughlin for third overall, 2nd spin, 2nd beach cat

Chris Bolton for 2nd overall, first beach cat, first non-spin

Tim Layne first overall

Too Good for the rest of us; Winning Every RACE Entered" (one Fritz Klocke, Tony Arends, Bill Jeffers, Pat Stadt

"Highest average score but still didn't win a F'ing trophy" Doug Kirby and Chris Allen, with Doug having an 80.1 average and Chris having a 79.9.

Champion Loser Award" for the person who dropped out of the most races, but I found at least three people who dropped out of 4 races.


Rules 2005

·        Eligibility:  Paid in full CRAC member by June 15.

·        Helm and Sheet awarded points if both are members.

·        Ties will be broken by adding additional races.

·        Open class scoring takes precedence over class scoring when there is an option.

·        Rinderle B or equivalent high point system (Sailwave) will be used.

·        Best 5 of CRAC sanctioned high point events scored for high point series.

·        Perpetual Trophy awarded to High Point Champion for the year

·        Individual trophies awarded based on the number of racers in the series