Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake

Perpetual Award for Outstanding Member


1983                              Ray Cyrus                              Skipper

1984                              Rich Siciliano                        Commodore

1985                              Sharon Tichnell

1986                              Greg Scace

1987                              Jim Dafnis

1988                              Anthony Recine                     Vice Commodore

1989                              Jim and Elaine Dafnis

1990                              Bob Schnable                        Commodore

1991                              Debbie Hill                             Treasurer

1992                              Mark Schneider                     Secretary

1993                              Greg Scace                           Commodore

1994                              Dan Flanigan                         Friend of the Fleet

1995                              BJ Watkins                            C100 R.C.

1996                              Caroline Scace                     Commodore

1997                              Chris Ford                              Commodore

1998                              BJ Watkins                            Commodore

1999                              Chris Ford                              Commodore

2000                              Jodie Perkins                        Commodore

2001                              Harry Murphey                       Most Valuable

2002                              Jodie Perkins                        Race Officer

2003                              Jodie Perkins                        Vice Commodore    

2004                              Mark Schneider                     Vice Commodore



The CRAC Most Valuable Person is awarded annually to a fleet member who’s time and outstanding effort contributes to the success of CRAC as we promote and  support catamaran racing on the Chesapeake Bay.