CRAC created and will continue to administer  the BEACH CAT Multihull Class, a sanctioned handicap class within CBYRA.  The class rules have two parts, one part addresses open water races with cruising boats and the second part regulates racing at buoys regattas .  The rules are posted on the CRAC website.  To race in CBYRA sanctioned regattas, you  have to be a member of the class through CRAC to be scored. 


CRAC operates in the same way that PHRF of the Chesapeake or the Cruising Multihull of the Chesapeake Class operates.  In these classes, if you want to race your cruising big boat you must join the PHRF Class and receive a yearly  rating certificate.   For PHRF races  you must send in a copy of your rating certificate with your registration for each regatta as proof of class membership.  This certificate proves that you are a current class member and what your boat’s rating is.




Clubs and CBYRA deal with classes of sailors.  If we wish to play at their events, we must have a minimal level of organization.  CRAC is the organization which manages the  Beach Cat Racing Class  in CBYRA.


What does this mean for the one design racers?


The one design sailors,  eg  the A class, Hobie 16, 17 and 18  and Nacra 20 join their own regional class association, (EG NAHCA or A class) and organize their own schedules and regattas and sanction requirements. These schedules are posted under the complete schedule tab on the CRAC web site. When these sailors want to race in a Beach Cat class event  they will have to join the Beach Cat class as well through CRAC.  For example,  a J35 owner racing on alternate weekends in a J35 one design start and the next weekend in the  PHRF Class start will be members of both classes.  Some events may be scored for both Beach Cat and One design class scoring.


What is the schedule?


If  you want to race in the Beach Cat class in CBYRA regattas next season you will have to be a member.  Your will not be scored  otherwise.  Those regattas are PSA Overnight, Rock Hall, Cambridge, Corsica River, Twilight, NASS Oxford, TAYC Hammond. and  Gunpowder Regatta will also require Beach Cat class membership.  More events may be added to the schedule over time.


CRAC will issue a membership card with your USPN and USPN Weight Adjusted ratings and some handy time difference information.


CRAC Dues will be used for mailing, the regatta registration web site, and one or two parties during the season using the CRAC  party wagon.


What happened to the CRAC Races?


CRAC as a club will no longer organize races.   Clubs have added additional races to schedule to replace CRAC Races.   Check the CBYRA schedule to see what’s happening.


What happens to the Area C Alter Qualifier?


The Area C Chapionship is designed for sailors in all one design and beach cat classes.  To compete you must be a member of US Sailing.    All of the events on the schedule offer a discount on registration with US Sailing membership.


Why should you join US Sailing

1)      Discounts on regatta entry fees  equal the price of membership.   All of the cash a regatta collects stays with the local club but you might as well collect the discounts offered.

2)      If you want to compete for the US Multihull Championship you must be a member.

3)      You get a rule book and some other perks

4)      It’s the right thing to do.


Why should I join US Sailing through the Multihull Council?


Us SAILING bundles memberships at a discount through clubs and regional sailing authorities (CBYRA)  You can get a discount on membership by using this program called Golden Anchors.

The Multihull Council represents our interests within US SAILING, and organizes one of these discount golden anchors.  We…. Area C get a kickback based on our membership for use in running our Area C Multihull Championship. 

The info you need to sign up is Under the US Sailing logo on the CRAC Web site.