Last year we were pretty late in getting the Awards Party thing going.  So, because every year we want to continue to do more, this year we decided to be REALLY late in getting the party together!  But, not only is the party late, but the format is expanded!

So, come one, come all, to the WRCRA/CRAC/Fleet 54/SMSA/WRSC/AOFYCTO (Any Other Fleet You Can Think Of) 2006 Awards Party!

Huh?  Well, in the spirit of joining all the Fleets together for the cause of strengthening cat sailing on the Bay, we're opening up the WRCRA Fleet Awards Party to all the cat Fleets to join in the debauchery and also give out awards and make alcohol inspired speeches!  Yes, all this and cat sailing too!

So all members of all cat Fleets, you are invited!  Make your speeches!  Hand out your awards!  Eat food!  Make up stories!  And get pumped for the new season of sailing!

Also, this is a great way to introduce folks to the sport, so if there's anybody you've been a-courtin' to come the dark side of sailing, now's to the time to start working on them.  Remember to stress that we love to help people get going, whether they currently have a boat or not.  So, what a great way to introduce them to the club - invite them to the awards party!

The Awards Party you say?

Yes!  It's time for the WRCRA/CRAC/Fleet 54/SMSA/WRSC/AOFYCTO 2006 Fleet Awards Party!  It's time to get the whole Fleet together and celebrate the triumphs of last year, and get the juices flowing for this year!  Who's invited?  You are!  If you got this email you're invited.  Bring family, friends, and prospective new members!  So!

When: Saturday, March 31 at 7:00 (yes, I know, the previous flyer said 8:00, but there's a lot going on so we'll start earlier).

Where: WRCRA Fleet Reserve,
             4861 Church Lane,
             Galesville, Md.

Hear: Inspiring Words by your Commodores (all of them that are not too shy, that is)!

See: Awards given for each series!

Reminisce: Over the great 2006 season!

Eat: Food prepared by you and your fellow
       Fleet members! - Otherwise known as
       this is a pot-luck feeding, each team
       brings food for the Fleet to eat!

Drink:  No instructions needed here...

Enjoy: The camaraderie of the Fleet, lots of great times with great people!

So, be there!  Bring yourself, your family, and anybody else - especially if it's someone who might be interested in sailing with us!  To recap the above silliness, WRCRA awards will be presented for all series and the season high-point.  CRAC and other Fleet Awards will also be given out, and any Fleet wanting to participate is welcome.  Each team try to bring a dish or dessert to share.  Drinks are provided.  Did I mention you should bring a friend?

Let me know if you need directions or have other questions!  Please forward this around the cat sailing clubs, and make sure everybody knows they are welcome.

Be There!

Kap'n Keith

ps - As an added incentive to come out to the party (as if you all need to be asked twice to eat and drink), rumor has it that the long-lost trophies from the 2005 season will appear and be given out as well!  You don't want to be the person that missed that!