Hi Gang.
            It sure was good to get back on the water and sail this weekend.
I think it was the best local racing our group has ever had.
It was great to see Chris Ford win the river race followed by Bob Orr and Ken Durrett. Special thanks to Tim Llewellyn for escorting them down the river safely. We think Tim sailed the 12 mile distance race that fast that he beat the committee boat to the finish line. Right Tim??
The regatta over the weekend gave everyone an opportunity to turn in some great results, Dave Mack and Bob Orr sailed well and showed the fleet they also like to run up front. The light winds made it difficult for our plus size sailors to shine, but Bristol is only 2 months away.
Tracy Oliver, Chris Ford and Mark Bellerman really kept me on my toes. Both Mark and Tracy took two wins each while I squeaked through a few times for a late lead change and race win. Chris Ford was sailing really well while learning to set up a new sail on a spare mast, sure glad it was him and not me trying to sort out a fast combination while trying to win races against these guys. It was hard for any race leader to stay in front, one mistake and you are toast. Tracy was fast down wind, Mark sailed the beats very well. And that Blue boat always seems to sail directly at what ever mark Chris is head for. Unfortunately for Chris Ford he damaged a rudder which put him out for the last three races. 
Thanks Joe and Chris for making the long drive to be part of the event. And to our other competitors for make this the best class in the country.   
Again the A cat fleet ( 12 boats ) was the largest group at Rockhall of the 11 class summer one design event. 
Nice job everyone. Thanks for coming out to play.
Racer X