VERY VERY HOT weekend at Conquest Beach For Corsica River's 79th Annual Regatta. 
    The temperature easily hit 100 on Saturday afternoon but we had  6 to 10 on the water all weekend.  Corsica just does a fabulous job with the hospitality and racing. Dinner served up a barbecued chicken, sweet corn, mellon, tomato and potato salad and a BROWNIE to DIE FOR.    The winner for the weekend...  (a mom described Lilly as 6 going on 30)....  She started with the fleet and sailed the first race!

See the unofficial wind adjusted results here.... No real difference from the Official Results at Corsica River.   Congratulations to individual race winners Jamie Flanigan, Dan Flanigan and Mark Schneider.  No amount of racing (extra laps or more distance seemed to seperate the Hobie 18's.. in the end Dave Raughly and Isabelle Strasser edged out Jim and Barbie Doty on the tie break..
Don't miss the 80th anniversary next year!