In the next two weeks… the championship committee will try to catch up with the 2012-13 championship.    Many ideas will be placed on the table for area qualifiers and the championship.  No qualifiers, Handicap on Portsmouth, Handicap on SCHRS, One design qualifier on boat used in the National Championship.  OD qualifiers.  For the national championship we will consider, rotation of the disciplines (spin, sloop, single handed), partnership with a OD Class for a joint NA/Multihull championship, and evaluate the stand alone Multihull championship we are using in 2012.  Of course if anyone has a sponsor with 20,000 bucks we would happily return to the previous format. 

 Right now, the potential Area C Qualifier is scheduled as a division within the Open Class start at Rock Hall Yacht Club’s June regatta (pending some rule changes).  Based on the Championship Committee actions, this regatta may or may not be used as a qualifier.  Participation in the US Multihull championship (areas and nationals) will require both team members to be current US Sailing members.  My tentative plan is to take a new look at the Area qualifiers in December in consultation with the OD fleets as they plan the 2013 schedule.


Please give me a call or fire off an email on any or all of the issues.


Take Care

Mark Schneider

MHC Area C and MCC committee member.