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Welcome To CRAC's On-line Registration Site  

The Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC) is the Chesapeake Bay's sailing organization devoted to promoting small catamaran sailing through racing. 


CRAC supports the CBYRA Beachcat Class which uses portsmouth handicaps for racing and the  A Class, Formula 16,  Nacra 20 and Hobie 16,17,18 One Design Classes.

Pumpkin Patch Regatta is OPEN ONLINE
The West River Sailing Club's Pumpkin Patch Regatta is now OPEN for online Registration.
go here after you sign in  (upper right corner)
Area C Alter Cup/US Multihull Championship
 I have a quick update from the championship committee.  The US Multihull championship is a two season process of area qualifiers and a championship regatta.  The 2011-12 championship fell through the cracks and we have just finished rewriting the rules retrospectively for the qualifiers of 2011 and the upcoming championship this fall.    In 2011 we cancelled the scheduled Area C Qualifier for lack of  pre registration.  Today the Championships committee is announcing the structure of the 2011-12 US Multihull championship.  The regatta will be OPEN to all US Sailing members, hosted by Pensacola Bay Yacht club, and conducted on BYOB Formula 16 cats.    The F16 class leadership promises to make sure charter boats are available for interested sailors. 

This championship dodges lots of NA and World Championships in the fall and will immediately follow the F16 Class North Americans hosted by St Andrews Yacht club about 100 miles away  (7 race days in 10).  The championship committee and the F16 class president argue that many charter boats will allow interested sailors to compete for the US multihull championship.  The US Sailing press release has the details.


40th Anniversery Hobie 54 Gunpowder Regatta!!
Hobie fleet 54 celebrates their 40th!   They are trying to get a reunion going for the party Saturday evening.  Come Race.... Come Party

Regatta open for entries in the Regattas tab  
2012 A Class and Open Class
check the top bar for an A Class and Open Class printable schedule   read more...
Hobie 2012 Schedule Published
The Regions Hobie Schedule is published here in a one page pdf format   read more...
Open Class CBYRA Schedule for 2012

Open Class Schedule 2012 (Dec)

May 19-20 - Va Beach Regatta Open class/A class/Hobie 16

June 15-17 - Rock Hall YC  Open Class/A class    Area C Alter cup Qualifier within Open Class 

June 30th  July 4th Weekend   Statue of Liberty Race

July 28-29  - Corsica River YC Open Class

September 15-16 - NASS Race/Hammond Race Open Class

October 20-21????  WRSC Pumpkin Patch  Rob Wilson Open Class

Area C Multihull Council Report
The US Sailing MHC report was submitted and found here:  MHC report

There were 302 active racing multihull sailors in Area C.  (Sandy Hook down to Va Beach)  surprised me.   read more...
Pumpkin Patch results are posted
see the pimpin pumpkin results.  Scored unofficially all possible ways   read more...
Corsica River Annual Regatta
The next local regatta is the Corsica River Annual Regatta.  

This will be the first regatta at Corsica River's brand new club at Ships Point!

This is a very family friendly regatta with starts for the Juniors... (opti's lasers and 420s)  and collection of dinghies and beach cats as well as a couplle of PHRF big boat fleets that race over.  

Camping is free, the Saturday night feast of an eastern shore chicken dinner is fantastic,  the blue grass band and the rock an roll bands are a blast and beers are a buck.

YOU MUST PREPAY by check for you chicken dinner to get the best deal!
  Details coming
On line registration may be available through CBYRA
Results for West River and Gunpowder published
Go to Regattas and then the respective results tab.  Great Weekend of Sailing on the Chesapeake!
Lots of races sailed!!!! OUCH!!!!

Spring Regattas Posted
The Spring Regattas are now open for Online Registration in the Regattas Tab.
The Hobie 16, 17 and 18 classes are at Gunpowder  State Park while the A class, F16, Nacra 20 will join the 5o5 fleet at West River Sailing Assn.
Hobie OD + Open Class Events

Hobie 16- Spring Fever, Easter Weekend, April 22-24, 2011

Hobie Gunpowder  April 30 May 1st

Hobie Rehoboth May 7 and 8

Hobie Syracuse NY  May 21, 22

Hobie 16, Va Beach ?

Hobie Sandy Hook  June 4-5

Hobie Spray Beach June 11-12

Hobie 17-18 NA’s   end of June, Mississippi

Hobie Barnegat Bay July 16 17  (North Eastern championship)

JO’s   MON TUESDAY Island Heights

Open Class, Corsica River  July 23-24

Special Olympics July 30 to 31

Hobie Wildwood August 20 -21

2011 Open Class Schedule

Open Class Schedule  Run what you brung... mostly Hobie's 16-18s, A class, F16's, N20's.


Spring Fever, Easter Weekend, April 22-24, 2011


Fleet 32, Va Beach May 21, 22, 2011 ??


Rock Hall YC,  June (10)-11-12  River Race on Friday


JO’s   MON TUESDAY Island Heights July 18-19, 2011  Hobie 16, loaner boats available.


Corsica River  July 23-24, 2011


Special Olympics, St Mary’s  July 30-31, 2011


NASS Distance Race  Sept 17-18, 2011


Pumpkin Patch, West River Sailing Assn,  Oct 15-16, 2011 ??

Pimpin Pumkin Patch Posted!
Woo Woo... the PUMPKIN IS ON..... Injured Chris Allen will not be denied and takes charge of awarding his special prize to the best dressed racer!..

On line registration is open...

Cheap Registration Closes Thursday Oct 14th.   The club appreciates your generosity after that!

Corsica River Results

VERY VERY HOT weekend at Conquest Beach For Corsica River's 79th Annual Regatta. 
The temperature easily hit 100 on Saturday afternoon but we had  6 to 10 on the water all weekend.  Corsica just does a fabulous job with the hospitality and racing. Dinner served up a barbecued chicken, sweet corn, mellon, tomato and potato salad and a BROWNIE to DIE FOR.    The winner for the weekend...  (a mom described Lilly as 6 going on 30)....  She started with the fleet and sailed the first race!   read more...
Area C Qualifier, July31, Aug 1

Hello All,

Don’t forget the Area C Eliminations.  July 31 – Aug 1, Trixie’s Landing in Bayville, NJ.  Just finished the Barnegat Breezer and had 8 great races over the two day event, even without the typical sea breeze.

Area C Website

I hear the finals will be on F-16’s in California.

This is a no frills event, no bands, no dinner, nothing but good old fashioned sailboat racing.  Come on out and see how you fair against the best of the best.

You win and the balance of entry fees left after expenses will go toward your registration for the finals in 2011.

Link to registration:

Early registration deadline is Monday, July 26th – save $5.

Pre-registration deadline is Friday, July 30th – save the $20 late/on-site surcharge.

NOR attached.

Mark Santorelli

Corisica River YC Regatta
How about ... a 25 dollar, two day ,regatta with good race committee, A class of boats called Cat boats that look nothing like cats, no power boat traffic in the middle of summer, a 15 dollar half chicken dinner, free camping, dollar beers, and two very good bands... they have a bluegrass group for cocktails and dinner and then a band for dancing in the evening.

So, Quick reminder... no preregistration needed for this coming weekend's Corsica River Regatta.

Check the NOR, It's a late start to await the sea breeze.

NOR for Corsica River Regatta]Corsica River NOR

You do need to reserve you chicken dinner by July 21st... or take your chances

First Multihull and Windsurfer JO's

USSA Junior Olympics

Rock Hall Yacht Club

Results are final as of 20:27 on July 11, 2010

Hobie 16 FLEET

Sailed: 7, Discards: 1, To count: 6, Entries: 8, Scoring system: Appendix A

Herbert James     Erika Korzeniewsk        16 points
Eric Raybon         Nicole Laporta              16 points
James Flanigan     Mike Gorman                16 points
Matt Raybon        Katie Appel                   17 points
Dan Tarleton        Colin Hackett                 20 points
Ryan Flanigan       Ian Mueller                    36 points
Ronald LaPorta   Morgan Miller                 39 points
Colette Bolton     Cole McGinlay                43 points

Well  THAT settled nothing!.... On to the US Multihull Championships on AHPC Viper Clubs!
Rock Hall Online Registration is OPEN!
Rock Hall's online registration is now OPEN.... Rock Hall hosts the third event in the A Class Atlantic Coast Championship.  Early Registration might give Rock Hall a chance for class trophies.  Right now they have one open class.   Should be a great turnout of cats in a very big regatta... Don't forget to sign up for the River Race as well


Hobie Fleet 32's Sail the Bay Regatta
Hobie Fleet 32's A class, Hobie and Open Class Regatta is on May 22 and 23.  At least 5 Annapolis Area A cats are expected to go down and challenge.

Hobie Fleet 32's Sail the Bay Regatta  
Hobie Regatta Results posted
Go to Regattas and click on the resuls tab
Spring Regatta Final Results posted!
The Final Results from the West River Spring Regatta are posted.
Spring Regatta Final Results  
One Design Spring Regattas open for pre registration
The first two One design Spring Regattas are now open for pre registration.   The West River Spring Regatta  is hosting the A class, F16 Class, Nacra 20 and 5o5s.  Hobie Fleet 54 is hosting a Hobie Points regatta for Hobie 14,16, 17 and 18's.    Open Class boats and several One Design classes are headed to Fleet 32's Sail the Bay Regatta in Virginia Beach at the end of May.  Log in or go to the Regattas Page for more info! 
2010 pdf Schedule for CBYRA
Spring Regatta's now online
Login .... (upper right corner) to pre register for the West River Spring Regatta and the Hobie Fleet 54 Hobie only Gunpowder Points Regatta
AREA C Qualifier.... Pumpkin Patch at WRSC
Last big two day regatta of the season.
One championship start with a big line... scored on Portsmouth racing Windward Leeward
buoy courses.  NICE!   Chris Allen is the OA and he thinks we will have at least 6 or 7 boats in
several fleets, A class, Nacra 20, F16, Hobie 16... and smaller fleets of Hobie 18s 17's, 20's
and Supercats and Nacras.  5 or more boats in class will be awarded One design trophies.
The Regatta Page with links to info is found here
 Don't forget to update your picture link in your MY INFO section.
Race to Oxford
Registration for the NASS Race to Oxford this weekend ends Thursday! 
8 beach cats are signed up and at least 10 big mulit's. 
Registration online at
Poplar Island Race Cancelled
Lack of interest has prompted WRSC to cancel the beachcat start for Saturday's Round Poplar Island Race
Corsica River Directions
Corsica River (Conquest Beach) Directions from the South (traveling north on 301):
take Rt. 50 across the Bay Bridge.
At the Route 50 split (near Queenstown), take Rt. 301.
Stay on Rt. 301 and take the Rt. 213 exit towards Centreville.
Continue on Rt. 213 through Centreville, you will pass a Hardees, and enter a 55mph zone.
You will pass a yellow sign on your right...
Spaniard's Neck Road is about a quarter of a mile past this yellow sign.
(The sign for Spaniard's Neck Road is very visible).
Turn left at Spaniard's Neck Road (the first left up the big hill on the way out of town).
Watch for the club burgee and also WATCH FOR DEER!
There is a hard right turn in the road after about three miles (slow down).
Go .5 miles to the first left (there is a Conquest Beach sign and CRYC burgee pointing the way).
Go left .5 miles and bear left with the hardtop road.
You will pass several houses on your right and a green and white sign that says "Conquest Beach."
The turn for Conquest is just down the road on the right and is marked "Conquest Beach."
There are two brick pillars and a swing gate. Turn right, between these two pillars.
Drive carefully, as the road is sandy and is one lane.

Corsica River (Conquest Beach) Directions from the North (traveling South) on 301:
If you are traveling southbound on rt. 301, you do not have to go through the town of Centerville.
From route 301, turn right onto rt. 305 (this is a few miles closer than the turn-off for rt. 213).
Travel about 2 ½ miles and then make a hard right onto rt. 213.
(This will put you on rt. 213 just north of Centreville and about a mile south of Spaniard's Neck Road.)
You will pass a yellow sign on your right...
Spaniard's Neck Road is about a quarter of a mile past this yellow sign.
(The sign for Spaniard's Neck Road is very visible).
Corsica River Invitation
Hi everyone,
This year I'm the PRO for our CRYC Annual Regatta at Conquest Beach (Centreville) on July 25-26.  The NOR is online at under the Annual Regatta link.  Please take the time and register early via the website as you will get a $10 discount if you do this before 21 July this year and if you are a CBYRA member.  Also, during the checkout process on the cbrya website you may specify how many chicken dinners (adult / kids) you want.  This will be extremely helpful for our club in planning the amount of food required as we get closer to the event.  If you do reserve dinners, please be sure to make a check payable to CRYC, and send it off to PO  Box 24, Centreville, MD, 21617 before the prepayment deadline
Online registration fee for CBYRA members before 21 July = $20  (Non CBYRA member is $30)
Any registration after 21 July is $30
Dinners are $18 for adults and $9 for kids or $15/$7 if you prepay before 21 July.
I look foreward to seeing you on the 25th and 26th.
Andy Wood
Chesapeake Sailors ... top 10 at Statue Race!!
Congratulations to

Doug Kirby and Andy Herbick ... 3rd on corrected and 2nd to the beach. on a Nacra 20
Todd Berget and Kris Bergerson  6th overall on a Nacra 20
Collete Bolton and Chris Bolton  8th overall on a Hobie 20

Old CRAC heads will remember John and Kate Muro an their 5.5 sloop.
Last we  remember,  Kate had a cute little red headed little girl and that put their sailing on hold for a while.
Well...  a twinkle later and Andrew Muro has joined  his dad on the old Nacra 5.5 sl ... good for a 9th in this year's statue race!

Way to go Andrew! Kicking butt in a 40 boat fleet... way to go!  
Cambridge YC Regatta Beach Cats Cancelled!
Cambridge YC's beach cat start is cancelled.   Too many scheduling conflicts with NAs and schedule overload do not portend a cat fleet this year.  We have cancelled the event and notified Cambridge.
Hopefully the schedule gods will be kind next year.
Rock Hall Results posted
Fun Regatta Weekend at Rock Hall YC,  Trying  and wet weather conditions and big breeze to moderate on Sunday gave everyone a taste of everything.  Great cat turnout with 4 fleets racing.    Results are posted
The Open class results are recalculated unofficiall using SCHRS for grins.  See the regattas page.
Rock Hall Annual Regatta.. Father's Day Weekend
An early heads up for the Rock Hall Annual Regatta weekend.

The River Race is a run what you brung race from Chestertown to the Yacht club for ..oh 10 -12 miles or so.  What people bring is pretty neat... Last year... 3 Chesapeake Log Canoes, to Lasers...  One start... clear your air and go!

Saturday and Sunday are the buoys regattas.  They have a couple of courses.  Three Catamaran starts are planned this year.

The A cats are expecting sailors from Va Beach (Tracy) and Bristol (Candyman)  to challenge local ace Tony and should get a good sized fleet.

The Hobie 14's are doing their ONLY regatta of the season at Rock Hall... The 16 sailors drag out the ol 14 and battle  man to man!

The Open class is filled with boats that don't quite make a fleet... This year four or so  F16's are planning on flashing their chutes and seeing if they can save their time on the Hobie 16, 17 and 18's and 20's....

(he he.. Rock Hall has upwind finishes... no more getting passed at the end of the race by those kite guys!)

Spread the word.... they are trying to get a dinghy portsmouth fleet a start.... so who knows what will shake out of the garage for this race.

Online registration is available here for both the River Race and the Annual Regatta.

Camping, Racing, Food, .... AND THE POOL make this a can't miss regatta!  
Wendy's WRSC Spring Regatta photo's linked
See Wendy's photo's from the WRSC Spring Regatta on the Photo link above or
Gunpowder Registration is now open
Gunpowder Registration is now open on the CRAC site.  go HERE
Hopefully a good turnout of F16's, A class and other Opens for open class plust the usuall Hobie 16, 17 and 18 Fleets.
West River Registration
West River YC's is using CBYRA for on line registration this season. go here  to register online. Late fees apply after certain dates.
Schedule updated... note Changes
Note Some Date Changes.
Sail the Bay in Va Beach is a week earlier  on the third weekend of May
Comparison of rating systems
Texel, SCHRS, Portsmouth, NMBR are four handicaping systems.   Ever wonder how your boat would fair.
Check out these Scratch Regattas
Pumpkin and High point results posted
Great championship this past weekend with Nacra 20's A class and F16's racing on Portsmouth with one design splits.
Tracy Oliver kicked butt again and won the Class, Overall and Season Overall High point.
Results are posted.   
Please discuss your opinions on next year's schedule... too much.... too little.... just right!
NASS Race to Oxford Result posted
See Results tab for Oxford race  
Online Registration
The NASS Oxford regatta is online at  theTAYC Hammond is not... use a stamp!
The 5o5 East Coast Championshships at WRSC online registration added
The Carl Miller Regatta at WRSC online registration added
Poplar Island Race Canceled
Lack of interest deep sixed this event.
End of an Era

Most of us are aware of the battle that has been going on with the County regarding the

land use at the Cat Field. I have been engaged in this fight for almost two years and have

tried to comply with their many requests and have done everything they asked me to do,

but at this point the situation has taken a different turn.   Please read more

Corsica River Report

A small  Fleet of Hobie 16’s 17’s 18’s and A cats enjoyed a lovely weekend at the Corsica River’s Annual Regatta at Conquest Beach.  An 80 boat strong fleet ranging from ancient Cat boats, (gaff rigged mainsail only boats) to Penguins and Comets from the 50’s to Hobie cats and Lasers from the 70’s to the latest in technology, A cats,  enjoyed flat water and 12 to 14  on Saturday with 5 to 8 on Sunday.  In addition to arranging for great breeze for a summer regatta, Corsica River had a blue grass band for dinner and dancing in the evening and a crab cake competition for the feast.  Two of their members are top chef’s on the eastern shore and dueled for top hand made crab cake honors.   Along with half a chicken , 3 cold salads, cookies and ice cream made for a great feast on Saturday evening


Click for the complete report


Special Olympics Report

Marys’ MD 26-27 July


Wind!!  Maybe for the first time in the history of the Special Olympics event at St. Mary’s, we had wind!  It was still hot on shore, but enough wind to fly a hull on Saturday, and more than enough to move on Sunday.  Two very full half-days of racing; 8 races total from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning.  A wide variety of sixteen 16s out there; very old boats, new boats, and Prindles, too.  The Prindles did very well in Saturdays bigger wind, especially upwind.  When it got lighter Sunday, the Potomac-trained 16s seemed to dominate.  Lots of practice in those conditions, maybe.  Some very tight races across all the levels; the athletes at the helm were especially impressive.


Corsica River Next ... Overall and Fleet Highpts updated
Corscia River hosts a really fun event the last weekend in July.
Always a good mix from every cat class!
The season highpoints are updated.  the A class has 5 events in with several guys counting their 4 events already.  Tracy Oliver is leading the A Class highpoints and Overall..
Rock Hall wrap up
Fantastic weekend at Rock Hall YC.  .
Here is the A class Report from Tony Arrends
Rock Hall online Registration open!
The next open class regattas are the Rock Hall Down the River Race and the Rock Hall Annual Regatta.  The A Class has 10 boats committed to Rock Hall already.  Open Class should be everything else.  (expecting 5 or 6 H16s, 3 or 4 H18's, 3 F16's, Hobie 20's and one or two N20's.  Rock Hall has great camping, a pool and nice showeres and a clubhouse.  Rally your class and take advantage of a great weekend at Rock Hall.
The Hobie OD classes have three events scheduled in June.  Sandy Hook, Spray Beach and Shore Acres,  The A class has a regatta at West River.
Rock Hall YC sent notice that they have  opened their on line registration and posted the NOR for the Down the River Race and the Annual Regatta.
High Points Series Updated!
the 2008 Highpoint Series for the CBYRA region of Area C is updated.   All OD and Open events are scored for CHIPS High Points and accumulated.  Best 4 scores will determine the winner.  Tie breaks will add the next joint event.
Current Overall results are found here
Current Class High points are found here
Gunpowder ... Perfect!
Hmmm.   Hot showers, Breeze from 6 to 13 knots,  flat water BOTH DAYS, warm!,  endless margaritta's to go with the hot wings and munchies,  lasagane and sausage, camping, great bonfire,  the return of the Dietemyer sweatlodge, 10 junior sailors leading their elders around the course, first F16 regatta on the bay,  35 boats, did I say HOT SHOWERS ,..
Save money and hassel Use ONLINE Registration
The WRSC Spring Regatta for A class, 505's and Nacra 20's is now open for entries (see Regattas).
Fleet 54 will open the Gunpowder Regatta by Monday or Tuesday.
Fleet 32 has online registration open for their Sail the Bay Regatta for A class and Open Class regatta at the end of May Now.
Rock Hall YC will open their on line registration for their Annual Regatta shortly
All of these events will save you money if you register by the deadline on line!  Build your fleet by getting the usual suspects to sign up early and drag those fence sitters out to the races.
West River Spring Regatta Results posted!
West River Spring Regatta was a fantastic regatta... Huge turnouts in A class (25 boats) and Nacra 20's   7 boats.  and 14 505's.
results can be seen here.
See you at Gunpowder this coming weekend
Take the CBYRA survey about racing on the Bay
We are recognized.... they are tabulating BEACH CATS (yeah!!)...    Our goal... 100 % participation to let them know we are out here and how we feel.  There is a REASON only three beach cat sailors are members of CBYRA!  They need to hear from the sailors.
Awards Party ...Feb 23
First off, the important news - the date for the 2007 Awards Party is
February 23rd! This is still pending the final approval by the venue, but
that is the date we are working towards. More details on the way, but
start clearing your calendar
CRAC has some freebies to distribute as well as award the High Point Perpetual
5th Annual Catsailor Invasion
Other then sail fast.... we are known for drinking hard....  And we don't read charts or calenders
NEW DATE... This Saturday
The annual winter beer drinking bachanal  is never scheduled with more then 2 weeks notice... This year its SATURDAY January 19th  at 8ish at the Ram's Head in Naptown  go here for the details!
One design schedules finalized
Click on the Chesapeake 08 schedules tab to see the One Design regatta schedule  (scroll down the pdf)
or click on read more
2008 Schedules
The DRAFT 2008 Chesapeake Bay Region Schedule is posted See the tab on the top bar for the latest info. 
 ??? mean that the date has not been finalized.
The National 08 tab has links for regions South, West and North.
HighPoint Results Updated
The  2007 Highpoint  results are updated.  Congratulations to Tony Arrends for this season's top overall performance!
Doug and Andy break own record for NASS Oxford Race!
Doug Kirby  and Andy Herbick on Tygart Racing broke the record they set last year to Oxford!.  They finished with an elapsed time of 2:19:23 breaking last years record of  2:27:20.   They missed the overall first gun by loosing a tacking duel to the finish with Donneybrook by just 4 seconds.  Donneybrook owes Tygart Racing 10 minutes at the start.  Their average speed was 12.6 nm/ hr and reported a top GPS speed of 26 knotts!  WOW!
The Hammond results are also posted as Doug and Andy finished the 20 mile course before noon!
NASS Oxford Race gears up!
7 Nacra 20's are chasing a new target.. the fastest boat on the bay belongs to NAVY! 
Matt Recker 9/7/2007 Zaraffa RP66 61016 PHRF A0 No -90
Registration closes Thursday!!!
UPSET at Corsica River ... Results Published
Patrick Kanna and Corey upset old farts Mark Schneider and Chris Brown (A cats)  with a vintage.. bright yellow ...Prindle 16!!!
The junior sailors won the tie breaker on the strenght of two  bullets in the light air races before lunch on Saturday.  Patrick is the Area C  Bemmis winner... the equivalent of our Alter Qualifiers for two person dinghys in US Sailing. ...   Just goes to show... Sailors sail anything... and with lightening and thunderstorms canceling racing on Sunday.. the would'vs and could of's mount to nothing.   I just had to wonder... what would it have been like to learn to sail as a kid!!!!  hmm....
Miles River hosts the beach cat juniors Next weekend.  We have at least three teams commited so far... We need more sailors who will raise the bar and teach us ol farts a thing or two.
Orignial Results
Cambridge Final Results are posted
Results were proof read and the standings are now final.   Check out the column BCE for an individual race in the catamaran fleets.  BCE is the real time you needed to save on your particular flavor of cat to win that race.   Many races were very close! 
Rock Hall Results for Beach Cat Class now published
See the link for results
Rock Hall NOR is now published online!
Click on the documents tab for the Rock Hall Regatta NOR or below.
Rock Hall Regatta is online
The Rock Hall Regatta is open for online registration.  Note Surcharge for using your credit card is added.  You can register online  (Helps the scorekeeper) and stand in line and pay be check if you want.
Entry fee 45 per boat, 25 per person for dinner and party... 15 per person party only
See Details page for more information
Gunpowder Regatta Cancelled

Bad news folks,


Gunpowder Regatta is canceled for this coming weekend.


Dan suffered a serious leg injury and will be on crutches for about three months.  Moreover, the park can’t promise that the bathrooms or the electricity will be available this weekend as well.


These hurdles are just too much and Dan regrets that he and Billy will have to cancel the event.

Gunpowder Registration... Pay by check!
Please register on line... (helps get things into the computer) Bring a check or cash
with you to check in at Registration on the beach Saturday Morning.
Awards Party THIS SATURDAY at 7 Galesville
Oops  forgot to get this posted here...
The Awards Party you say?

When: Saturday, March 31 at 7:00
Where: WRCRA Fleet Reserve

             4861 Church Lane, 

             Galesville, Md.

Bring a dish to share!

What is CRAC going to be doing in 2007?
  • CRAC created and will continue to administer  the BEACH CAT Multihull Class, a sanctioned handicap class within CBYRA. 
  • The class rules have two parts, one part addresses open water races with cruising boats and the second part regulates racing at buoys regattas .  The rules are posted on the CRAC website. 
  • To race in CBYRA sanctioned regattas, you  have to be a member of the class through CRAC to be scored. 
Friday Night Ram's Head Party!
4th Almost Annual Catsailors Invade Annapolis

It is time to gather at the Rams Head, Downtown, Annapolis!

Agenda: None / to many to list
Draft Schedule published
A calender format for a DRAFT of  the mid atlantic schedule for 2007 is published.  Voice your opinion to your fleet captains.  Mark
Area C championship to George Kuney and Susan Bloomgarden
Fantastic weekend at Miles River Yacht Club!  Thanks to Ernie Becker and the Miles river RC team for great racing.  George and Susan added the Area C, and Chesapeake Championships to a year where they won Div 11 high points for Hobie 18's, and Hobie 20's,... not to mention the Division championships for  those fleets... Oh,  and they finished top 10 in the 18 Nationals!  Great job guys!!!  See the wrap up for more details
(bleepen Frankenboat.... grrr)!!!
Area C and Chesapeake Championships up next
The fantastic Miles River Yacht Club in St Michaels, MD hosts the US Sailing Area C Multihull and Chesapeake Bay Championship.   Check out the details !
Constantine wins Lighthouse Race 20 boat turnout!!!!
Congrats to Constantine who smokes the fleet on his Taipan no matter how you score it.!   20 boats representing the West River Catamaran Racing Assn (WRCRA),  the West River Sailing Club (WRSC), the Potomac River Sailing Assn (PRSA) and CRAC!  Many many thanks to Jody Perkins ... ace RC, and all of the sailors who supported the regatta.
check out the details here
Doug and Andy set record to Oxford!
Doug and Andy put the hammer down and blasted through the floating debris on the bay for what we think is a record setting run!  They finished the 30 mile race in 2 hours and 27 minutes.  Doug said his GPS recorded speeds of 26  mph!
Twilight Results posted along with updated Highpoint
Way to go Collete! ..   She KICKED OUR OL FART BUTTS!  ... The monohulls thought they had it tough with one lap of  15 miles windward leeward in 18 building to 25 with 4 to 5 foot sea's.... AND IT WAS DARK!  Read the story !
Corsica Results Posted
21 Boats registered for Corsica River.  Light to moderat breeze and HOT....  Great parties and food... Chris and Pat Begrow (Hobie 16) tie Chris Ford (A cat) for first place and win the tie break.  Jim Glanden with Chelsa Laporta (Hobie 16) edge out David Nees and Ian McAllister (Hobie 20) for third.   (With a throwout the positions reverse).  Two regatta stories wrap up a great weekend!
Cambridge Resuts posted!

Congratulaion to Chris Ford who recaptures the Top Cat of the Choptank after 9 years.  The Taipans of Constantine and Pat were tough all weekend.

Statue Race Results included in High Point
Hola.... we had SEVEN teams travel up for the Statue Race... so the results (scored 1 through 7) are included in the High Point Score!  Congrats to Doug and Andy who broke the  course record while finishing 2nd to the beach!   
PSA Overnight Story posted

The forecast was horrible…  No wind… and lots of rain sprinkled with major thunderstorms …  BUT on the plus side … when has the weather man been right this year…. (The C100 was supposed to  build to no more then 15 to 18)…

So,  the 6 boat fleet had most of the day to figure out what they wanted to do!

Rock Hall Results posted

Chris Bolton writes!

Another weekend in paradise, with balmy steady tradewinds and sparkling blue water (at least in the pool).  How steady were the winds?  On the second and third races Saturday, our elapsed times were only 3 seconds different (over two laps and 30+ minutes)
Fitness Resource C100 Results Posted
Sorry for the delay; passed out last night when I got home. We are talking about naming this the Too Much/Too Little race. BIG wind Saturday and boat-clearing waves(Thomas Pt data said 24 knots with gusts to 27); no wind Sunday. Those few who were pushing for the long course Sunday were very glad we settled on the short one. First 4 Inter 20s did the 50 miles on Saturday under 4 hours; Sunday's 37 miles took 7-9 hours. Chris Allen and crew won with an 11 minute lead Saturday and a very close second on Sunday (9 seconds after 7.5 hours!). Team Tygart of Doug Kirby and Andy Herbick finished second with a win Sunday, and Robb Lancaster and Don Sievert finished third. David Nees and Gibson finished 4th overall and first in non-spin on a H20.

Multiple flips by everyone on Saturday (Mark Olson and Lynn may have been the only exception to this as they stayed upright, although Lynn's stomach was flipping too much to continue). Only 8 of 15 made it to Cambridge, and two of those cut the corners just to get there for Sunday's sail back. Significant boat damage on three boats with one dismasting, one crew-punched main, and one Tornado turtled and damaged during towboat-assisted righting. Sunday's early wind died out to nothing and then clocked around for some tight frustrating racing. Full scores will be up as soon as I can transfer the data from my old no-export laptop.

Thanks to our sponsor Fitness Resource for the cool shirts, Jonathan Cristiani for his help in running this event, and to Harry Murphey as always for building the awesome box we use to literally carry this event.

Gunpowder Results Posted
A small turnout of only 8 Open cats; 5 A's, one Taipan 4.9, one H20, and Mark's Tornado as the only spin boat.  The short courses did not favor Mark's spinnaker, especially with good winds and a rookie crew.  As the breeze came up Saturday, the H20 briefly challenged the A Cats, but errors in counting laps (oops) and issues in staying upright took care of that threat.  Several A cats also had issues with staying upright, as did multiple 16s.  Sunday dawned cold and windy, and there was no great rush to leave the beach.  The wind died down a little, and the RC started their promised youth event, only to watch the wind die completely.  After the youth drifted through two races, they attempted to set a course, but finally gave up after hours of fruitless waiting.  Saturday's results then stood for an A-class sweep, with Chris Ford, Pat Stadt, and Ed Mills claiming the top three spots.  Fantastic sailing and camping weather on Saturday.  When the wind goes away this summer, some of you might regret having missed this one :-)
Class, Combined Open and Season Highpoints updated
Icebreaker Wrap UP
Congratulations to Chris Ford, Constantine Seremetis, and Chris and Colette Bolton for scoring the Harken Gloves for this years Icebreaker.  USPN and Texel results are posted as well as a brief story. See the direct link   read more...
Icebreaker On Line Registration Open
Global warming has made Spring... Summer and Summer .. Hell... so... you best take advantage of the great weather... get your boat ready and go racing on Sunday in the  Icebreaker. Cheap pre registration closes on Thursday and the fleet can certainly use the extra cash if you want to register on Sunday Morning.
Check out the Virtual Cat Racing results under the regattas tab!  A virtual race was held for 3 groups of cats...
Single handers (Dart 18, A cat, F16 Uni,  Nacra 5.5 uni and the Hobie 17)
Fast Sloops  (Hobie 20, P19MX, Nacra 6.0 NA, Tornado Classic and just for grins the A cat)
Spinaker Boats (F16, F18, F18HT, Nacra 20, Tornado, and Supercat 22).
The results show you how much real time...  in minutes and secs...  that you must save on the race course to beat the scratch boat (slowest one listed) in the fleet.   
With the table... you can guestimate how you are doing against similar boats.  Print it out and laminate it ... You will quickly know how you are doing on the clock...  The times are accurate relative to the scratch boat ... and would be off by a few seconds if you subtract the times between two boats of interest.   compare  the Faux Formula 20 pairing of the Tornado and Nacra 20 with the Spinaker boat race.
I calculated the spreads using Texel,  the EU measurement rule to handicap boats as well.   You get to decide which system seems fairer.  I will post both sets of results this year.
CRAC/Fleet 54 Awards and PARTY! APRIL 8TH
April 8th  at Podickory Point Yacht Club for the annual awards and mega party
Who's invited... CRAC, WRCRA, FLEET54, WRSA, SPECIAL OLYMPICS, SMSA and PRSA sailors   PLUS any other sailor who can't remember which letters of the alphabet they sail under.
Click on 
READ MORE for the party invite!
Special Olympics training for coaches in the afternoon.  Mega party in the evening.  Drinks starting early!
Think they will let you use the john in a wet suit?
Check out this link to the New York Yacht club.  (Thanks to Corsica River YC for the tip)
CBYRA Red Book Junior Sailing Program
Check out our first CBYRA Junior catamaran racing program.  We figure speed and speed alone will draw the younger sailors onto twin hulls.  We need your support this year in making these events happen!   read more...
Alter Qualifier Results and Highpoint series updated
Miles River Yacht Club hosted a spectacular regatta Oct 22 and 23.  Congratulations to Bill Jeffers, Matt Keenan and Oli and Kelly Jason.  Chris Bolton sailed well in a tough crowd but missed taking over the high point lead by 2.2 points out of 400 total points.  
Bolton trails Layne by 4 points with one regatta to go

Chris and Collette Bolton  (Hobie 20) trail Tim Layne and team (Reynolds 33) by 4 points with one event to go.  Tim is not eligible for the Alter Qualifier so the pressure is on Chris Bolton.   John Mcloughlin (Nacra 20)   has completed 5 events and trails by 28 points and could leapfrog both of them.  Chris Allen (Nacra 6.0 ) and Chris Ford (A Cat) have the best shot of overtaking everyone with 4 events completed and trailing by 85 points.  (Just a top 5 finish away from the money!) …  My take home…Chris is gonna win it all.  (3 out of 5 chance)


Thanks to Molly and Lorreta for running what turned out to be another death march on the bay.  I determined that the APS gift certificates from the C100  where just bad karma and got rid of them to the stalwart finishers,  Keith, Doug, Chris and John! Rich Schwarts took some great photos of the day

Hammond Race and High Point Posted
Oxford was FUBAR'd... but the Hammond race was very nice.  Congrat's to Tim Layne and crew on the Renyolds 33 who with the win takes over the High Point Lead from Chris Bolton.    Chris Ford and John McLoughlin are well postioned to challenge Tim for the series win.   read more...
Twilight Results posted ... Highpoint updated
Fantastic turnout for the Twilight Race... 21 boats..  (Not all there at the start... but hey they were trying).  Kudos to Pat Stadt, Jeff LoSopio and Dave Taylor all on A cats for the Silverware.  The spin cats caught all but one big boat in this 12 mile race after spotting them 40 minutes.    Chris Bolton and Cris Ford are dueling  it out for high point with DNF's ...   read more...
Corsica River Results Posted
Great Regatta at Corsica River  Congratulations to Chris Ford who dominated with 8 first place finishs.  Find out what happens when you mate a cat and a penguin!  Check out Chris Boltons first hand account.  Such heroic actions on the water allow Chris and Collette to surge into first place in the High Point series!   read more...
Cambridge Results Posted
The Southern Bay sailors continue their dominance in Cambridge.  The Top Cat of the Choptank Perpetual was won in convincing fashion by Fritz and Heidrun Klocke on their Hobie F18 this weekend.  Their main competition was Jerry Pattenaude with his Shark from the Hampden VA area.  The Klocke's follow Dennis Hawks and Tracie Van Houten, last years winners, and the Olivers on A cats the previous three years.  The Northern Bay sailors will mount a comeback next year!!!  High Point series updated!   read more...
PSA Overnight Results
Tim Layne,  R33 and John Mcloughlin, Nacra Inter 20 continued their personal duel  by distance racing on the bay.  Tim and John crossed tacks going upwind at Pooles Island Light in 15 to 18 knots of breeze.  Tim built on that lead in the 15 mile moonlite sleigh ride down wind back to Baltimore Light for the win.  For complete results   read more...
2005 High Points updated

Chris Bolton drives to the front and takes the 2005 High Point lead.  John McLaughlin is in great position a few points back in second.  Season Series is updated after each sanctioned regatta.

CBYRA Charts and GPS Cordinates
For the PSA Overnight Race you will need the following:  CBYRA Beach Cat Flag  (25 bucks,  See Harry at Leo's)
Chart of the Region 2 marks  (follow link)
CBYRA  equipment gear (follow link)
For the West River Twilight race you will need the Region 3 Chart.
New England Catamaran Association formed
The New England Catamaran Association was formed to coordinate cat racing in New England.  Click Here for details.  
Eastern Multihull Sailing Association formed
The Eastern Multihull Sailing Association replaces Hobie Div 9.  Click Here for web site

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